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Outdoor Digital Advertising Billboard Panel. P10 LED screen panel 1m x 1m, full color HD video and image display. Perfect for the display of adverts.


Our P10 Outdoor digital billboard panels are designed to look good and have proven their ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including the 2016 “Cape Storm” that damaged thousands of buildings in Cape Town (including parts of our warehouse!).

The unit has a standard 1mx1m configuration for general efficiency and can be manufactured to specification, for the more complexed designs or working spaces.

P10  amongst screen surface types, is the more ‘all round’ solution for general outdoor spaces in South Africa. They have a relative balance in cost, brightness, efficiency and display quality. Please do enquire about additional solutions for indoor or XL outdoor screen requirements.

Pixel pitch: P10

Environment: Outdoor

Module size: 160*160mm

Cabinet size: 960*960*130mm

Brightness: >6500CD/㎡

Weight(N.W): 46kg

LED configuration: DIP346

Pixel density: 10000/㎡

Way to install: Fixed installation

IP rate: IP65

Cabinet material: Iron

Standard color: black/gray

Viewing angle: 120°*20°

Operation power: AC110/220V 50/60HZ

Power Consumption: 250-650w/㎡

Operating temperature: -20°C–+50°C

Operating life: 100,000 hours

Refresh rate: >1920HZ

Control mode: Synchronous control

Final Assembly: Cape Town, South Africa
Certification: CE/ROSH/FCC/UL

Benefits Of Digital Billboards

  1. Increases property value and income potential
  2. Inserting new ads is much quicker than static boards
  3. Can have multiple ads running
  4. Advertising space is much cheaper for advertisers and easier to sell to clients wanting to advertise
  5. Changing ads is much easier and quicker depending on your supplier/operator SLA
  6. Naturally gets more attention from people, especially when flashing ads are in HD video format.
  7. Can include a smart cam for intele advertising and auto accident, natural disaster & security live feeds, to local your authorities.

If you are interested in owning a digital billboard then contact our friendly team by completing the short form below and we will get back to you with all relevant info regarding our Digital Billboards offerings in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


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