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What Size Billboard Should I Consider?

Digital Billboard Size?

In South Africa billboards vary in display position and size, but some industry standard display surface sizes include:

6 ft. x 12 ft. = 72 square feet (6.7sqm) (1.8m x 3.6m)

8 ft. x 12 ft. = 96 square feet (8.9sqm) (2.4m x 3.6m)

10.5 ft. x 36 ft. = 378 square feet (35.11sqm)

10 ft. x 22 ft. = 220 square feet (20.4sqm)

10 ft. x 24 ft. = 240 square feet (22.29sqm)

12 ft. x 25 ft. = 300 square feet (27.87sqm)

12 ft. x 40 ft. = 480 square feet (44.59sqm)

14 ft. x 48 ft. = 672 square feet (62.43sqm)

16 ft. x 60 ft. = 960 square feet (89.18sqm)

20 ft. x 50 ft. = 1,000 square feet (92.90sqm)

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About LED Bulbs

Light-emitting diodes date back to the 1960s. For decades LEDs did not have many practical applications due to their manufacturing cost. Today, LEDs have cost-effective applications in most electronics.


Tri Bulb LED (DIP)

Tri Bulb LEDs are larger in size than SMDs. Tri Bulb LEDs, however, still have many applications for cost-effective lighting. These applications include solar-powered lighting products used in areas with unreliable power supplies. Tri Bulb LEDs are also a better alternative to lighting because they use less energy and have a longer lifespan than, fluorescent light bulbs for example. The reduction of the size of the LED made it possible to place 3 LEDs of different color in one unit. The three colors – red, blue and green – create smaller pitch. The pitch (or distance) between pixels affects the resolution and image quality of an LED display, such as a digital billboard


SMD LEDs mount on the surface of electronic boards but do not physically go through the boards like other types of LEDs. Another important feature of SMD is miniaturization. Using one LED to create three colors results in improved image quality.

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How much does a LED Digital Billboard Screen cost in South Africa?

In this blog, I will talk about the factors that contribute to the overall cost of erecting a LED Digital Billboard. The cost of a digital billboard is contributed to by two factors: 1) The environment it needs to work in and 2) your desired functionality. Though it is difficult to estimate, there are some ways of determining what your ballpark cost will be.

Types Of LED Digital Billboard Screens Surfaces

LED Digital Billboard Screen systems are generally designed for either indoor or outdoor environments. Screens can be built with a standard flat surface, curved surface, spliced surface, and transparent surfaces (ranging from 20% – 98% transparency). Understanding this should get you started with deciding what type of screen surface will suit your screen’s location.


Types Of LED Digital Billboards Locations

Indoor and Outdoor Digital Billboards can be mounted against a wall, hang from a suitable structure or be held up by a pole/s strong enough to carry the LED Digital Billboard Screen. When considering the structure aspect, wall mounts, or on a pole, the choice should do two things: 1) be safe and secure & 2) hold the display in an area with maximum visibility to the passing traffic.

Types Of LED Digital Billboard Structures in South Africa 2021
Types Of LED Digital Billboard Structures in South Africa 2021

Size Of The LED Digital Billboard Screen

In this game, bigger is always better because bigger means more value to offer. Its been proven that you can expect better results from having a larger surface area. Achieving & exceeding campaign objectives is easier with larger screen surface areas, especially when used to dynamically market products and services.

The size of the screen will determine the structural requirements as well. The cost of the structure will comprise of the structure itself; a structural engineer; possibly a civil engineer(for ground supported screen structures or pillars; and municipal charges.

55sqm LED Billboard Screen built by JJ in South Africa.
55sqm LED Billboard Screen built by JJ – Santon South Africa.

Some Fun Facts About Digital LED Billboard Display Screens in South Africa

Comparing the bulbs in OLED & UHD 4k/8k TVs to our LED Billboards Bulbs is the same as comparing the 2L motor of a sedan with the V8 motor of a 4×4.

What many people don’t know, is that building smaller LED Billboard Screens cost’s more per sqm if the size is less than 8 sqm.

If you want a screen for first-party then you can choose as your situation allows. Freedom

Bonus Fact

If you are considering selling or sharing some playtime with third-party advertisers then you need to be aware of one simple fact. Media owners across Africa have been saying that the buyers of Out Of Home advertising and highway advertising prefer public screens to be +-24sqm and larger. This is why when you see a “small screen” it’s usually sized 4m x 6m. Go have a look out there and see for yourself. So if you can muster up what is needed to get yourself a licensed 4m x 6m, then you will be equipped to have agents and media owners resell your advertising space to their clients. History has shown that it can be very difficult to profit from smaller outdoor screens.

Every situation is different but we hope this helps. If you need help, schedule a call and we will help!


How much can you make with an outdoor digital billboard?

This question is one of the first and most important question that new owners of Cape Town Outdoor Digital Billboards, Johannesburg and surroundings have to ask. It is all about the Rands and cents indeed ..

How much can you make?  It depends on a few factors. Below is a short list of good indications that will justify your said price regardless of what it will be:

  • In clear view of traffic(Vehicles, foot traffic etc.)
  • On a transport route, into or out of a CBD area.
  • In a CBD area
  • Unit size
  • Type of screen installed
  • Experienced 24hr technical support

At the lowest end for advertising on Cape Town Outdoor Digital Billboards, about R20000 per location. But it is more normally about R50000 and can range up to R750000. And the billboard companies are happy to take them off your hands, as they depend on buying leases and permits to grow their own operations.

Large format digital billboards and smart advertising screens for sale in Cape Town and Johannesburg
Large format digital billboards and smart advertising screens for sale in Cape Town and Johannesburg

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What Are Smart Billboards in South Africa?

If you’ve traveled anywhere by car, bus, or foot, you’ve undoubtedly seen an electronic billboard. To be clear, when we refer to an electronic or digital billboard, we are not only referring to traditional billboards like the ones you see next to freeways, but also smaller digital screens that might appear next to bus benches, shopping centers, or other high traffic areas.

Once hailed as the next big thing in outdoor advertising, digital billboards quickly grew stale. Why? Because even though digital billboards allow a rotation of ads to be displayed, these types of billboards are still very easy to ignore.

In order for any advertisement to really capture the attention of a human being, the ad needs to speak to the viewer, both literally and figuratively. This is where smart billboards come into play.

If you are interested in owning a digital billboard then contact our friendly team by completing the short form below and we will get back to you with all relevant info regarding our Digital Billboards offerings in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


What is Smart Advertising?

A “smart” advertisement, much like a smartphone or any other “smart” device, is an advertisement that can dynamically react to its environment by sending and receiving data over an information network (like the Internet).

The concept of a smart advertisement has been around for quite some time; in fact, any digital, out of home advertising that can adapt its message based on the time, date, or the weather can already be considered a “smart advertisement”.

Keep in mind though that while these adaptive billboards may seem highly intelligent compared to traditional static billboards they are still very simple implementations that barely scratch the surface of what a truly high-tech billboard could achieve.

What sorts of things will the billboards of the future do? They’ll dynamically react to their environment, changing the content displayed on the screen based on information they can collect about you, the onlooker.

In order to accomplish this task, the billboard or digital screens of the future will be equipped with an array of technologies ranging from cameras, radar, infrared, and antennas, which will provide the “eyes” needed to be able to see, listen and react to their environment.

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How Digital Billboards are Changing the Face of Outdoor Advertising

Advertisements, regardless of their form, are engineered to accomplish one thing: capture the attention of an onlooker and inspire action. In the past, the advertising industry predominantly used mediums such as newspapers, billboards, television, and the radio to deliver their marketing messages. These “traditional” mediums have received a few face lifts over the years in the form of digital outdoor advertising, as well as more advanced printing and broadcasting methods that increased their fidelity. However, with the advent of computers and the internet, traditional advertising became increasingly more sophisticated and digital or Internet-based advertising, which has proven to be significantly better for targeting specific demographics, leading many advertisers to drop support for traditional methods altogether.
Coca Cola Billboard
Recent technological innovations, however, have led many big players in the advertising industry to go back to traditional forms of advertising, specifically digital billboards and their smaller screened counterparts. Why? Because unlike online ads, billboards are not seen as being an inconvenience; in some cases, billboards are even seen as “artistic”, especially those put into the public’s eye by companies like Apple and Coca Cola. But what about capturing the passerby’s attention? With the use of new interactive technologies, billboards are becoming more than just static images painted on a wall: billboards are now participating members of the Internet of Things, and they’re getting smarter every day. If you are interested in owning a digital billboard then contact our friendly team by completing the short form below and we will get back to you with all relevant info regarding our Digital Billboards offerings in Cape Town and Johannesburg.   Send us a Whatsapp by clicking on the “Whatsapp Us” icon in the top right corner.