Author: jjsounds

How to pick a microphone

When deciding on a microphone there are 2 aspects to take into consideration other than budget:
There are 2 main types of microphone:
Dynamic Mics – The construction of these mics are very simple and comparatively sturdy. They require no power supply and are relatively inexpensive.
Condenser Mics – These mics are good at picking up all frequencies.They require power supply and are more of a weight on your budget compared to dynamic mics. Condenser mics are vulnerable to structural vibration and humidity.
Microphones have directionality that indicates from which direction they best pick up sound. Microphone directionality comes in 3 forms:
Unidirectional – This type of microphone features directionality to the front only and is also known as “cardioid” (because of its heart shaped directional pattern).
Bidirectional – This type of microphone features directionality to the front and rear.
Omnidirectional – These microphones do not have any specific directionality and will pick up sounds from all directions.

When it comes to sound in general, its a relativly preferance based though there are some general principals to it. What you can affored vs what sounds good to you is the place to be if you are just starting out.