Crew Hire

Our guys are experienced, dress code black and will do all of the manual labour and setup. If you are have a technical production or event and you need help moving, seting up or breaking down then get in touch with us now by calling us on 0218282582 or send us an email to [email protected]

The roles, composition and number of workers in a tech crew can change significantly depending on the nature of an event, and often evolves as the production does. In a small scale production, the crew might consist of a single person, operating the lights and controlling the volume of the sounds and music. In a large scale productions, the crew can consist of dozens of different departments and may run into the hundreds of individuals. Each department has their own specific job that pertains to their area of expertise, but they are all part of the crew.

Identifying the technical crew

Most often, though not exclusively, members of the technical crew will be wearing black or similarly dark colored clothing in order to be fairly inconspicuous, so that they are not particularly distracting to the audience in the carrying out of their routines and tasks. Occasionally, larger scale or touring productions will provide clothing branded with the name and/or date of the production.

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