About LED Bulbs

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Light-emitting diodes date back to the 1960s. For decades LEDs did not have many practical applications due to their manufacturing cost. Today, LEDs have cost-effective applications in most electronics.


Tri Bulb LED (DIP)

Tri Bulb LEDs are larger in size than SMDs. Tri Bulb LEDs, however, still have many applications for cost-effective lighting. These applications include solar-powered lighting products used in areas with unreliable power supplies. Tri Bulb LEDs are also a better alternative to lighting because they use less energy and have a longer lifespan than, fluorescent light bulbs for example. The reduction of the size of the LED made it possible to place 3 LEDs of different color in one unit. The three colors – red, blue and green – create smaller pitch. The pitch (or distance) between pixels affects the resolution and image quality of an LED display, such as a digital billboard


SMD LEDs mount on the surface of electronic boards but do not physically go through the boards like other types of LEDs. Another important feature of SMD is miniaturization. Using one LED to create three colors results in improved image quality.

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