How Digital Billboards are Changing the Face of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor billboard Digital Signage large format in Cape Town and Johannesburg
Advertisements, regardless of their form, are engineered to accomplish one thing: capture the attention of an onlooker and inspire action. In the past, the advertising industry predominantly used mediums such as newspapers, billboards, television, and the radio to deliver their marketing messages. These “traditional” mediums have received a few face lifts over the years in the form of digital outdoor advertising, as well as more advanced printing and broadcasting methods that increased their fidelity. However, with the advent of computers and the internet, traditional advertising became increasingly more sophisticated and digital or Internet-based advertising, which has proven to be significantly better for targeting specific demographics, leading many advertisers to drop support for traditional methods altogether.
Coca Cola Billboard
Recent technological innovations, however, have led many big players in the advertising industry to go back to traditional forms of advertising, specifically digital billboards and their smaller screened counterparts. Why? Because unlike online ads, billboards are not seen as being an inconvenience; in some cases, billboards are even seen as “artistic”, especially those put into the public’s eye by companies like Apple and Coca Cola. But what about capturing the passerby’s attention? With the use of new interactive technologies, billboards are becoming more than just static images painted on a wall: billboards are now participating members of the Internet of Things, and they’re getting smarter every day. If you are interested in owning a digital billboard then contact our friendly team by completing the short form below and we will get back to you with all relevant info regarding our Digital Billboards offerings in Cape Town and Johannesburg.   Send us a Whatsapp by clicking on the “Whatsapp Us” icon in the top right corner.