How much does a Digital LED Billboard cost in South Africa?


The cost of a digital billboard depends on many factors including the type of environment it needs to work in as well as your desired functionality. Though it is difficult to estimate, there are some things that you need to be aware of based on what you would like to do.

Types Of LED Digital Billboard Screens Surfaces

LED Digital Billboard Screen systems are generally designed for either indoor or outdoor environments. Screens can be built with a standard flat surface, curved surface, spliced surface, and transparent surfaces (ranging from 20% – 98% transparency). Understanding this should get you started with deciding what to do next.

Types Of LED Digital Billboards Locations

Indoor and Outdoor Digital Billboards can be mounted against a wall, hang from a suitable structure or be held up by a pole/s strong enough to carry the LED Digital Billboard Screen. When considering the structure aspect, whether wall mounts or on a pole, the choice should service two things: 1) It should be safe & 2) It should be visible from where the main foot or vehicle traffic is.

Size Of The LED Digital Billboard Screen

The total cost will comprise of the screen system, the structure, and putting it all together. All this aside, the size will be a balance of budget, visibility & the Digital Billboards’ visual impact. Size matters, the bigger the screen, the bigger the bill but also the bigger the screen the greater the value or offering.

Every situation is different but we hope this helps.