How much does a LED Digital Billboard Screen cost in South Africa?


In this blog, I will talk about the factors that contribute to the overall cost of erecting a LED Digital Billboard. The cost of a digital billboard is contributed to by two factors: 1) The environment it needs to work in and 2) your desired functionality. Though it is difficult to estimate, there are some ways of determining what your ballpark cost will be.

Types Of LED Digital Billboard Screens Surfaces

LED Digital Billboard Screen systems are generally designed for either indoor or outdoor environments. Screens can be built with a standard flat surface, curved surface, spliced surface, and transparent surfaces (ranging from 20% – 98% transparency). Understanding this should get you started with deciding what type of screen surface will suit your screen’s location.


Types Of LED Digital Billboards Locations

Indoor and Outdoor Digital Billboards can be mounted against a wall, hang from a suitable structure or be held up by a pole/s strong enough to carry the LED Digital Billboard Screen. When considering the structure aspect, wall mounts, or on a pole, the choice should do two things: 1) be safe and secure & 2) hold the display in an area with maximum visibility to the passing traffic.

Types Of LED Digital Billboard Structures in South Africa 2021
Types Of LED Digital Billboard Structures in South Africa 2021

Size Of The LED Digital Billboard Screen

In this game, bigger is always better because bigger means more value to offer. Its been proven that you can expect better results from having a larger surface area. Achieving & exceeding campaign objectives is easier with larger screen surface areas, especially when used to dynamically market products and services.

The size of the screen will determine the structural requirements as well. The cost of the structure will comprise of the structure itself; a structural engineer; possibly a civil engineer(for ground supported screen structures or pillars; and municipal charges.

55sqm LED Billboard Screen built by JJ in South Africa.
55sqm LED Billboard Screen built by JJ – Santon South Africa.

Some Fun Facts About Digital LED Billboard Display Screens in South Africa

Comparing the bulbs in OLED & UHD 4k/8k TVs to our LED Billboards Bulbs is the same as comparing the 2L motor of a sedan with the V8 motor of a 4×4.

What many people don’t know, is that building smaller LED Billboard Screens cost’s more per sqm if the size is less than 8 sqm.

If you want a screen for first-party then you can choose as your situation allows. Freedom

Bonus Fact

If you are considering selling or sharing some playtime with third-party advertisers then you need to be aware of one simple fact. Media owners across Africa have been saying that the buyers of Out Of Home advertising and highway advertising prefer public screens to be +-24sqm and larger. This is why when you see a “small screen” it’s usually sized 4m x 6m. Go have a look out there and see for yourself. So if you can muster up what is needed to get yourself a licensed 4m x 6m, then you will be equipped to have agents and media owners resell your advertising space to their clients. History has shown that it can be very difficult to profit from smaller outdoor screens.

Every situation is different but we hope this helps. If you need help, schedule a call and we will help!