ConvenTech AV & Structures

ConvenTech AV & Structures offers top-quality audiovisual technology and custom wooden and steel structures for conventions, expos, and conferences. Our expert team will work closely with you to ensure a flawless event, from setup to teardown. Choose ConvenTech for the ultimate solution to your event’s AV and structure needs.


ExpoPro AV & Structures

ConvenTech AV & Structures is the ultimate solution for your convention, expo, or conference. Our expert team specializes in providing top-quality design & audiovisual technology. Our custom wood and steel structures to make your event a success.

Conference Structures & Tech

Our extensive inventory includes everything from projectors and screens to lighting and sound systems, all maintained and tested to ensure flawless performance. Plus, we offer custom-built structures to meet your specific needs. Stages and booths with unique set designs that enhance your event’s theme.


ExpoAV Solutions

Our experienced technicians work closely with you to ensure everything runs smoothly, from setup to teardown. Plus, our flexible rental options make it easy to fit any budget and schedule.

Don’t leave your convention, expo, or conference’s success to chance. Choose ConvenTech AV & Structures for the best audiovisual technology and custom structures on the market.

Here are 5 interesting facts about the convention industry in South Africa:

  1. The South African convention industry is worth billions: The convention industry in South Africa is a major contributor to the economy. The estimated economic impact of the industry exceeds R115 billion ($7.8 billion USD) annually.
  2. Cape Town is a top convention destination: Cape Town is considered one of the top convention destinations in the world. Its beautiful scenery and world-class facilities attract international conferences and events.
  3. South Africa hosts major international events: South Africa has successfully hosted major international events like the World Economic Forum, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and the FIFA World Cup. All have put the country on the map as a top destination for conventions and events.
  4. The convention industry supports thousands of jobs: The convention industry is a major employer in South Africa, supporting thousands of jobs across a range of industries. These are hospitality, transportation, and event planning.
  5. The South African government supports the convention industry: The South African government recognizes the importance of the convention industry. It has implemented policies and programs to support its growth, including funding for event organizers and tax incentives for convention and exhibition companies.

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