Outdoor Digital Billboards (South Africa)

Outdoor Digital Advertising Billboard Panel. P10 LED screen panel 1m x 1m, full-color HD video, and image display. Perfect for the display of adverts outdoors, tested outdoors in the harsh African weather.


Diamond Bulb Series Product Details:

Outdoor led screen panels

Technical Spec

Benefits Of Digital Billboard Maintenance

Preventative maintenance plan

Our Warranty Includes:
  1. Design a preventative maintenance plan per LED Screen supplied;
  2. Schedule and perform in-warranty LED Screen servicing (Every 6 months.);
  3. Replace parts that malfunction within 24hrs in metropolitan areas;
  4. Monitor the system 24/7 via a live link;
  5. Remote technical support for maintenance, content management, and reporting;
  6. Staff training and mobile device control setup for your user/s;
  7. Lifetime software licenses for all of the content management on your network.

Spares with every order: (50 sqm & part thereof)


Outdoor Digital Billboards For Sale

From our premises in Wetton Industrial(Kenilworth Racecourse) & Ennerdale in Johannesburg we offer the following LED Screen products & services:

  1. Supply & installation of Network LED Screen systems;
  2. Screen panel design and configuration;
  3. Build & Configure LED Network Control Systems;
  4. Operate, monitor, maintain, and service of your LED Screens & Outdoor Digital Billboards;
  5. LED screen and digital billboard upgrading;
  6. Web application integration.

Our outdoor digital billboard panels have proven their ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including the 2016 “Cape Storm” that damaged thousands of buildings in Cape Town (including parts of our warehouse!).


Available LED Screen Structures

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