Video Walls For Your Home

Macro Display Screens are the ultimate, designed to give the maximal viewing experience with no limitations.


What is a Macro Display Screen?

Your whole wall can potentially become a video display! The assembling of our LED technology enables a durable solution that provides the capacity for a much bigger display without compromising visual quality.

Why would you want a Macro Display Screen?

There’s no denying that technology is moving at a rapid pace and everyone is able to experience high-definition video. We all know the buzz words: SD; HD; 2k; 4k etc. However, the capacity to experience these on a grander scale is limited. A Macro Display Screen has the ability to transition your visual experience from a micro to a macro level.

Who would benefit?

Ultimately anybody that is seeking a much grander and enhanced video display with the best that today’s current technology can offer. This could be anyone from:

The home user, whether just a viewer or gamer, who wants to implement an amazing home theatre/wants to simply upgrade his existing one.

The corporate user looking to upgrade her/his boardroom, drastically improving the online meeting functionality and inducing positive customer interaction. Especially those that value reputation in their industry and view having a prestigious image, as vital.

The person that wants to be ahead, rather than behind, in this technologically saturated society.


We all know bigger is better! If you are looking for a REAL home theatre without all the constraints that exist with television and projector screens. Our expertise in LED technology enables us to build the home system of your dreams, with no limitations. Customize your own size and upgrade at any future time if you wish

Besides any size you require, below are the additional benefits:

  • Video Calling
  • Sports Games
  • Multi-Screen Split View
  • Virtual Site Visits
  • Movies & Series
  • Ultimate Gaming Experience
  • Upgrading possibilities, we can always make it bigger!

* Curved and bend screen options
* Energy Efficient
* Not Affected By Room Light Changes
* Not Affected by Direct Sunlight
* 10 Year Life Span
* Extended Access To Online Content
* Safe Web Browsing WiFi


Standard Sizes include:
  1. 2m x 4m
  2. 2.5m x 4.5m
  3. 3m x 5m


Crystal Display

From R190000 3-Year Warranty
  • For the budget sensitive that are still seeking a huge visual experience. We understand that bigger is better! Therefore, this screen offers no compromise in size but the altered configuration in resolution enables a lower production cost. Though our more premium products will provide a superior resolution, this screen will still ensure quality performance of a high standard.

HD Ghost

From R250000 3-Year Warranty
  • Real deal HD, you know bigger is better AND you want this supplemented with higher quality resolution.

The Diamond

From R960000 3-Year Warranty
  • Our Diamond Display is on a whole other level! Subject to the availability of space, this is configurable to 4k, 8k & 16k. The customizing options are endless.

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