LED Big Screens For Event Hire: Outdoor or Indoor


LED Screen

Long Term & Daily Rental


Get all the benefits of ownership while only investing a fraction of the cost.

Led Screen is the best viewing solution for indoor and outdoor events on the market

Seeing what’s happening on stage can be difficult – especially if you are part of a crowd standing 100m away!

Now bring the detail and experience to the audience with a vibrant LED screen

LED screens to consist of panels that can be used in just about any configuration and total size.

The LED screen panels can either be ground-stacked or suspended to your specifications to suit your event needs and design.

Whether you want a screen installed on your property or a large video wall for a day, the display possibilities are endless.

Each panel is made up of small LEDs working together to bring exceptional display quality and brightness in any event conditions.

LED screens can display input from any source:
– live camera feeds
– computer
– DVD or any other digital source


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