What Are Smart Billboards in South Africa?

Deul otdoor digital advertising billboard in Cape Town South Africa.

If you’ve traveled anywhere by car, bus, or foot, you’ve undoubtedly seen an electronic billboard. To be clear, when we refer to an electronic or digital billboard, we are not only referring to traditional billboards like the ones you see next to freeways, but also smaller digital screens that might appear next to bus benches, shopping centers, or other high traffic areas.

Once hailed as the next big thing in outdoor advertising, digital billboards quickly grew stale. Why? Because even though digital billboards allow a rotation of ads to be displayed, these types of billboards are still very easy to ignore.

In order for any advertisement to really capture the attention of a human being, the ad needs to speak to the viewer, both literally and figuratively. This is where smart billboards come into play.

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