What is Smart Advertising?

Large format digital billboards and smart advertising screens for sale in Cape Town and Johannesburg

A “smart” advertisement, much like a smartphone or any other “smart” device, is an advertisement that can dynamically react to its environment by sending and receiving data over an information network (like the Internet).

The concept of a smart advertisement has been around for quite some time; in fact, any digital, out of home advertising that can adapt its message based on the time, date, or the weather can already be considered a “smart advertisement”.

Keep in mind though that while these adaptive billboards may seem highly intelligent compared to traditional static billboards they are still very simple implementations that barely scratch the surface of what a truly high-tech billboard could achieve.

What sorts of things will the billboards of the future do? They’ll dynamically react to their environment, changing the content displayed on the screen based on information they can collect about you, the onlooker.

In order to accomplish this task, the billboard or digital screens of the future will be equipped with an array of technologies ranging from cameras, radar, infrared, and antennas, which will provide the “eyes” needed to be able to see, listen and react to their environment.

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