What Should A Live Sound Engineer Do For You?

If you employ AV services then its best to have knowledge of how it all works. Starting with the operators. Just like most ficilitation, the more you know about the processes and people involved, the better. Competancy and discretion is key when smooth running event AV essential.


Alive sound engineer manages Audio Equipment such as mixing consoles and audio processing equipment at live events. By default the live sound engineer follows through with his or her way of getting a reasonable clear sound from the sound system & room combination.

Lynthia band sound mixing at Knead Bakery Palmyra
Lynthia doing live sound mixing

The sound engineers job is to see that the sound system functions correctly and then looks to interpret feedback and requests from stage professionals and clients. In some cases people from the audience bring to their attention, something overlooked(or overheard?).

Some thoughts:

In most cases, sound engineers can get a sound quality that everyone is happy with the first time around. However, even the best sound engineers in the world ask for feedback on the way things sound. The best sounding albums and live shows are put together with input from several people as “good sound” is relative.

A “good” live sound engineer is one that has experience dealing with any of the thousands of issues that could arise before, during or after an event.

Good sound can be achieved with enough time and communication. Dealing with the hundreds of things that could go wrong in times when smooth sailing is most important, requires experience.

JohnnyB White: International live sound engineer +20 years experiance

If you employ AV services then its best to have some knowledge of how it works.

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